Curate Your Unfolding Curate Your Unfolding

Curate Your Unfolding

Let's put my 15,000 hours of exploration to good use.

What do you crave for your life? That dream, so important that you keep it secret. Shopping for help mid-crisis or when badly in need of change, is like calmly searching for a life raft while drowning. It doesn't have to be a crisis that brings you here. More disciplines, retreats, gurus and trainings exist now than ever before, helping us become more awake, more durable versions of ourselves. But when under stress, we can feel a sense of urgency and it's not uncommon to grab onto a plan that doesn't suit. It's likely we're not all that aware of what's available. That's where I come in.

When planning an expedition, preparation is key: you consult the leading off-trail guide, gather the best info, figure out what gear you need, what to jettison. Life is no different.

With a licentiate in acupuncture, and my training as an academic and a reporter, I go to work. First I do a comprehensive intake, getting a full picture of how things are between you and you: your health, your relationships, where you've been, what you want. Next, I assess the best resources in your part of the world, given your constraints and ability to travel.

With a referral network spanning more than three decades, I then create a game plan. This service is not typically designed as an ongoing one, but check-ins are on occasion warranted. You will be thoroughly prepped to begin.

Below you will find a few templates to begin our conversation. Maybe you are a Laird, sprinkled with some Ghandi. Or the Full Fetal with a hint of Pygmalion. Take a gander.

The Amelia

You don't know if you want to get your Instrument Rating for your two seater on a fixed wing, but you want to explore — not just the landscape of your of the world but of your interior. So many options of discovery. What's in order? A trip? A retreat? Solo? A group? Keeping it local? A new kind of counseling? All up for the figuring.

The Laird

You want to have your mind blown without the blow. Go wrestle with forces larger than you. You don't know yet if it's the big dark waters of the Amazon or sleeping under the hanging glaciers of Greenland, but you know you need to inject some high octane force into your life as you know it.

The Full Fetal

This is the position you find yourself in lately despite your best efforts. The crisis is here and has taken you down, and you are trying to figure out how to curl back out of it.

The Swift Blow to the Head

You've either gotten one or — truth be told — you may need one. It's time to bring out the big guns, in lieu of medication or a lobotomy. The "Is it me or…are all these pills starting to blur into one?

The Ghandi

You have a quest, a calling, maybe not protesting the price of salt in India, but certainly a pilgrimage is up for consideration.

The I-Don't-Know-What-My-Parachute-Is

You don't know what you are meant to do, but you do know that if you continue your current career path, those men in the white coats will be coming for you.

The Tandem

You don't know who started it, but the couples thing is not exactly a tango right now.

The Pygmalion

Yeah, yeah, beauty starts on the inside, but you want to start on the outside and work your way in.

The Humpty Dumpty

You've taken the fall and those four horsemen haven't shown up yet. You are hoping those guys are just stuck in traffic. And anyway, as you recall, humpty had to put his-or-her own numpty-self back together.

The Tasting Menu

You know you're hungry, but you're not sure what for. You'll start with the appetizers, and work your way to the metaphorical main course.

Wanna get curated?

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